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a person with tattoos is digging in the dirt
Jamie Walton | Nettles & Petals on Instagram: "Re-plant Leeks and Never Buy Seed Again - the Pollinators will thank you for it too! 🌱🐝 I really enjoy growing Leeks in the vegetable garden as they are more than just an edible crops! 😊🌱 They are biennial, so in their first year they produce the leek that we eat but in their second year they produce ornamental Pom Pom like flower heads that are loved by pollinators and are one of the main reasons I grow them. 🌱🐝 I sow my leeks from seed and then once they grow into young plants I transplant them out, nice and deep, so that they end up with a blanched stem. They grow on into mature plants and I eat them throughout their season, but I always leave some in the ground to overwinter which will then flower in their second year. I’ll som
a man in a blue jacket holding up a piece of food with the caption did you know this about supermaket garlic?
Simon Akeroyd on Instagram: "Garlic likes a cold spell prior to planting. However, if you are buying garlic ftom the supermarket now, chances are they will have been kept in a cold store. So should be fine to grow. #growgarlic How to grow garlic from the supermarket. I grow them like thus every year and have had great crops. It really works! Garlic likes fertile, well-drained soil in full sun. Plant the cloves 12cm (5in) apart. Cloves should be at a depth of about 2cm below the surface. Each clove should form a new bulb with lots more cloves. #growyourown #gardeningforbeginners #vegetablegardeningforbeginners #gardeninghacks"
a wooden bed frame sitting on top of gravel next to a garden hose and sprinkle
SHERIDEN on Instagram: "I have bareroot raspberries and blackberries coming in two weeks and we’ve been spending bucketloads of time prepping. I will be sure to show you the planting process when they arrive, so stay tuned. Info on the trellises is below. . These are made using a 4x4 cedar post on each end with 2, 2x4 cedar rails per level, and a 8-foot cattle/hog panel that was cut to 80x24-inch pieces. . Posts are secured to the raised beds under soil line using 6-inch structural screws with washer heads. 2x4’s are connected to the posts with 3-inch wood screws and the cattle panels rest on top of the 2x4 rails and are secured with electrical wire metal staples. Panels were cut to 24-inches wide and 80-inches long to fit my beds (which are only 8-feet long total - small space gardener ov
a bunch of flowers that are sitting in front of a house with the words grow these 10 flowers for endless bouquets
Roz Chandler, Cut Flower Farmer,Trainer and Mentor on Instagram: "The secret to endless bouquets👇🏼 These 10 flowers are some of my favourites on the farm for bouquets spanning across the seasons, they’re flowers that I always grow without fail every year here at @fieldgateflowers Another thing to remember is that it’s not just the flowers you need to make a great bouquet, it’s foliage, and that two needs to be looking great and available all year round 🌿 I’ve learned lots over the years about what’s worth growing for bouquets and cutting and what’s not, how best to grow them, what pride they’re worth, and how to sell them - if you want to learn more about all of that and more then you should definitely join me on my FREE zoom masterclass next week 🥰🌱 Comment ‘BLOOM’ below and I’l
a small garden with lots of green plants and landscaping items on the decking area
Carla Isolano on Instagram: "Urban garden lacking in privacy? 🧐 A little reminder for anyone desperately seeking budget friendly privacy above the fence line...🍃 🌳 I planted 5 Japanese Privet trees (Ligustrum Japonicum) one per fence panel ⭐ They cost me £610 for five ( May 2021) I got mine from David Fairley Gardens ( no longer in business) 8/10cm girth size 180cm stem size 300cm tall 35 litre pot size 🌿They don't grow taller just bushier so you get privacy just above fence height where you need it 🍃🌿🤩🙌🏻 🏡The UK trees roots are non invasive so fine along borders or near structures. 👀 So if your urban garden is lacking in privacy you know what to do! 🙌🏻🌿🍃🌳 Happy Sunday lovelies ❤️ #privacytrees #gardenplants #diydecor #diygarden #gardeninspo #apartmenttherapy #urb
a potted plant next to a cup filled with dirt
Simonetta Chiarugi on Instagram: "Guarda, le talee di lavanda che ho preparato con il metodo furbo hanno tutte radicato! Adesso è il momento del rosmarino! 🌱Preleva porzioni apicali con ramo legnosetto ed elimina le foglie basali e spunta l’apice. 🌱Il segreto del successo è utilizzare due vasi uno grande e uno più piccolo di terracotta, tappa il foro di drenaggio e posizionalo al centro del più grande. 🌱Riempi lo spazio con apposito terriccio e inserisci le talee lungo il bordo del vaso. 🌱Aggiungi acqua nel vaso interno che per capillarità manterrà costantemente umido il terriccio. 🌱Riponi il tutto in ombra luminosa e in poco tempo si formeranno le radici. Proverai anche tu il metodo furbo? _____________________________________________________ #talea #rosmarino #taleadirosmarino
red peppers growing in a garden with the caption'when the pepper blooms its first flower, one thing you must do '
Garden Design Ideas on Instagram: "Good tips for growing more chili peppers #gardening #garden #gardeningtips #gardenlife #gardeninspiration #gardenideas #gardenlove #gardendesign #gardenersofinstagram #gardenersworld #garden_styles #gardenphotography #gardenlovers #gardenerslife #gardenart #gardenbeauty #gardensofinstagram #gardenplants #gardenviews #gardenersparadise #gardenista #gardeningcommunity #gardenloversclub #gardenaddict #gardeners #gardenerslife"
a tree that has some leaves on it and the words just cut a branch and you can grow a camellia tree
120K views · 1.5K likes | Garden Hacks on Instagram: "Pay attention when extracting plants #backyardgardening #gardeninglife #vegetablegardening #vegetablegarden #gardeningtips #gardeninglove #organicgardening #gardensofinstagram #gardenideas #urbangardening #gardeningistherapy #gardeninggoals #homegardening #gardeninspiration #lovegardening #gardeningisfun #countrygarden #veggiegarden #happygardening"
snails and bug eyes have appeared in the vegetable garden by using their own video
Home Gardening Lover on Instagram: "Eliminate snails that damage vegetables #gardeninggoals #gardeningistherapy #gardeningtips #gardeninglife #gardening_love #gardeninguk #gardening101 #gardeningtools #gardeningislife #gardeningtherapy #gardeningknowhow #gardeningseason #gardeningismytherapy #gardeningmakesmehappy #gardeningaustraliamag #gardeningday #gardeningideas #gardeningphoto"
the drip tape helps with germinion just because you're out
Seattle Urban Farm Co | Garden Creators on Instagram: "Vegetables need a reliable water supply. 💧They have to grow a lot in a short period of time, and water is a crucial element to a successful harvest. We love drip irrigation, specifically with drip tapes. Tapes were designed for farm-scale irrigation but are also the best option for the home garden. They are easy to install, easy to fix, and work well. We usually get 15 mil drip tape with emitters spaced every 8”. We space tapes a foot apart and this allows us to plant anywhere in the bed and know that every crop will get all the water it needs. 🌱♥️ . . . #dripirrigation #irrigation #savewater"
an umbrella stands over two lounge chairs on a patio with potted trees in the background
Morgan Winton on Instagram: "DIY umbrella stand! ☀️⛱️ Comment LINK and I’ll send links to everything I used or it’s all linked in my bio! All you need is -5 gallon bucket -1 1/2 inch - 2 inch PVC pipe -Sand or soil -Quick mix concrete -Planter -Umbrella -Flowers Cut your PVC pipe to the height of your planter. Put the pipe into the 5 gallon bucket. Add your concrete mix according to directions. Once that dries, add the bucket to your planter. Add some soil on top! Plant some flowers. And you’re done! Cute and sturdy umbrella holder! Perfect by the pool! Also, if you’re wondering why I have no grass and so much dirt in my back yard… we just had a the pool put in..🤣 and it made our back yard a big muddy mess lol So we are waiting on sod to be put in, but it’s been to much rain for sod
a video showing how to make a trellis bamboo planter with an old twig
Troque Ta Plante on Instagram: "Vous avez des bambous sous la main ? 🌱 Vous pouvez créer des treillis pour vos plantes grimpantes en pots ou pour votre potager ! 👉 Voici un noeud simple à réaliser et très pratique pour attacher 2 bambous ensemble à l’aide d’une corde ! C’est grâce à lui que j’ai fabriqué un treillis 3x3 pour faire grimper mes haricots dans mon carré potager 👩🏻‍🌾 J’espère que ce petit noeud vous sera utile 💪🏻 (ça m’a rappelé l’époque des scoubidous et des bracelets brésiliens.. qui s’identifie ? 😂) Bon dimanche à tous 💚 #diy #doityourself #treillis #bambou #tuteur #jardin #jardinage #plantes #potager #carrepotager #recup #noeud #economique #zerobudget"
a woman in purple shirt standing next to a wooden box filled with dirt and grass
Carpenter's Daughter - Vikkie on Instagram: "I've now built about 11 hoop houses to grow all of my veggies on our new farm so I can protect them from the local badgers, foxes and deer. It's a very simple design... I built a structural timber lid frame (63x38mm CLS I'm DIY stores) to match my raised bed's openings with a 2ft upright for my tunnel support. Then attached 25mm blue water pipe (search Polypipe online) with 25mm metal clips and mounted to the top support and another couple of wooden supports either side. For the cover, I used clear plastic (or clear plastic tauplin) for my lettuces. But also some insect netting on the rest my my brassicas and other cool crops. To attach the plastic to the lid, I stapled the straight edge to a piece of wooden trim, starting on the longest s
Michael Cooper on Instagram: "To box or not to box? 

I’m leaning more and more towards to not box! I’ve always loved buxus but after a savage year of box tree caterpillar last year I’ve decided to try something else. 

Ilex crenata ‘Jenny’ or Japanese Holly. It looks so similar I doubt people will even notice these have changed! 

#estategardening #gardens #horticulture #boxwood #ilex #topiary" People, Garden Care, Boxwood, Buxus, Cooper
Michael Cooper on Instagram: "To box or not to box? I’m leaning more and more towards to not box! I’ve always loved buxus but after a savage year of box tree caterpillar last year I’ve decided to try something else. Ilex crenata ‘Jenny’ or Japanese Holly. It looks so similar I doubt people will even notice these have changed! #estategardening #gardens #horticulture #boxwood #ilex #topiary"