Narnia :D Slovakia / Age is only a number :3
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One Direction

im like niall liam zayn and harry is not because i donĀ“t love louis is because all the poeple said sometimes hurt and i always take it seriously

Memories never die :3 <3

Calling yourself a directioner means you accept the boys for who they are and love them forever. -Eleanor Calder Add your name if your a directioner forever >>>> Soraya

They are not only a band for me :3

I love One Direction for the great role models that they are more than anything. I love them for who they are on the inside. Not for the attractiveness or the fame. I'm proud to call myself a Directioner.

One Direction are my answer :3

Haha yup except I'm a girl so I'll change that to smartest woman alive!

Louis is everywhere :D

One more distraction when I'm in school. I won't be able to concentrate on anything. Zayn thinks intelligence is sexy.