2nd Chakra

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Ways to heal your second Chakra. "The key issues involving Swadisthana (Sacral Chakra) are relationships, violence, addictions, basic emotional needs, and pleasure. Physically, Swadisthana governs reproduction, mentally it governs creativity, emotionally it governs joy, and spiritually it governs enthusiasm." Wikipedia

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7 Herbal Chakra Healing Teas by Earth Energy Healings

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Heal Thyself - SACRAL CHAKRA Healing Music - Clarinet Edition [ Svadhishthana ]

Second video from our Heal Thyself Series - Healing Music for Sacral Chakra. Svadhishthana as we call in Sanskrit. This is the center of sexual expression, j...

The Sacral Chakra is the of seven levels of consciousness in this philosophical model for balancing your energy. (Sources: Eastern Body, Western Mind and Chakras for Beginners.) by ghettoflower 7 Chakras, Sacral Chakra, Chakra Healing, Chakra Mantra, Mind Body Spirit, Mind Body Soul, Second Chakra, Levels Of Consciousness, Kundalini Yoga


2nd Chakra: Svadhisthana ❤️☀️ The Sacral Chakra is the 2nd of seven levels of consciousness in this philosophical model for balancing your energy. (Sources: Eastern Body, Western Mind and Chakras for Beginners.)

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