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Crispy Quinoa patties with carrot and zucchini. Good summer meal option when the zucchini runneth over.

Crispy Quinoa Burgers with Flax Seed. These were really good albeit I had a hard time getting them to stick together so I served in a tortilla. by using vegan cheese, flax eggs and omited the cream cheese. Love **use egg replacer and tofutti cream cheese

Autumn Leaves, September, Fall Leaves

Autumn Leaves, September, Fall Leaves

September, Ms

BEST SLEEP BLEND EVER!!! knocks us all out and keeps us asleep the entire night!!!

doTERRA diffuser blend for sleep. Serenity, Lavender, and Balance. I added a few drops of each to a cotton ball each night and stuck in my daughters pillow case. Brilliant, she is out in less than 30 minutes!