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Add these household ingredients to your tree water to keep your Christmas tree healthy and alive longer.

Regular Chlorox Bleach -prevents algae, etc. Karo Syrup (clear) – the sugar feeds the tree 2 pinches of Epsom Salts – magnesium sulphates make the needles green 5 quarts of water

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

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Country style kitchen with Ikea island

candles // scandinavian christmas decor

Candle Advent // 33 The Most Alluring DIY Scandinavian Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Super easy DIY table decor -- terra cotta pots, white candles and some moss from the craft store. I love those numbers, too.

Candles and I have an old cheese box

holiday candles display in old box

Pine needles and candles in a vintage bread pan.

Candles & greenery in an old bread pan. Pinner said: I bet a stainless steel "mud" tray from Home Depot would work, too! - Home Decorating DIY

Scandinavian style...simple and sooo they often say...less is more... ;)

Easy DIY Advent wreath centerpiece - simple: old metal bowl, fill with beans or earth, cover with fake or real moss, insert candles (use non-flammable materials or ensure moss is well dampened, watch closely when lit)

Rustic Christmas centerpiece with a vintage milk crate, small terra cotta pots, greenery, and candles. #MyPerfectInterfloraChristmas

Rustic Christmas - candle and greenery in terracotta pot

A lovely #Christmas decoration or advent decorated in a Royal Copenhagen cup! #danishdesign #danishicons

Bowl and 4 candles wit greens and ribbon.