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a modern house with an open patio and dining area in the back yard, surrounded by tall grass
Gallery of House Jonker / Thomas Gouws Architects - 6
a modern house with grass on the roof and side walk leading up to it's entrance
Berwout Dochy | tuinarchitect | tuinarchitectuur | landschapsarchitect | landschapsarchitectuur | West-Vlaanderen | Roeselare | Rumbeke | Izegem | bureau tuinarchitectuur | buro tuinarchitectuur | tuinontwerp
an exterior view of a modern house with wood cladding
Gevelbekleding Unicus Afrormosia | Realisaties Woodstoxx
two chairs sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a building with sliding glass doors
Project DS // Hertsberge | TUINEN SNAET | Tuinarchitect | Balegem
an open patio area with wooden slats on the wall and tables in the foreground
the side of a building with wooden slats on it's sides and windows
TRANSFORM Architectuur | Moderne uitbreiding villa | Sint-Martens-Latem