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How To Sprout Beans | Beans are among the easiest of foods to sprout, and doing so helps to pre-digest them. Some (like lentils) can be eaten raw, though most people will digest beans best they're lightly steamed or cooked. Here are very easy directions for sprouting, and you'll find more inside our unlimited classes. | TraditionalCookingSchool.com


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companion planting chart | Companion #Planting--Which #Garden Plants Grow Well Together? {Free ...


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Leaf Identification: These pictures and their accompanying text are taken from a beautiful old book on tree identification written by R. ST. Barbe Baker, the self-styled founder of the wonderfully-named The Men of the Trees, an organisation I know nothing about, but wish I had belonged to. The book came out in the 1940s, so all of it is now copyright free. I post this material for those of you who are of a Crafty persuasion (you know who you are;) and anyone else who is interested...


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What to Forage in Spring: 20 Edible and Medicinal Plants and Fungi


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How To Grow Portobello Mushroom at Home #portobellomushroom #indoorgarden #gardeningtips #sumogardener


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Hummingbird flower favorites #birds #birdbath #birdfood #birdfeed #diy#birdfeeders #birdhouse #familytipsandquips familytipsandquips.com

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Have instant success with these 10 Best Succulents for Beginners; easy and most successful types of succulents
Easiest Succulents to Grow - great tips on how to plant it and forget it and I love the clam shell from HomeGoods used as a planter! eclecticallyvintage.com sponsored pin


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kill weeds permanently with this diy round up spray using vinegar, Epsom salt and Dawn dish detergent #weedkiller #diyroundupspray #weedkillerrecipe #weedkillerspray #killweedspermanently #killgrasspermanently #nontoxicweedkiller #nontoxicpesticide #diypesticide #vinegardawn #vinegardishsoaprecipe #epsomsaltweedkiller


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#gardeningtips #gardening #gardenideas
10 Reasons Why Palm Leaves Are Turning Brown or Yellow


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These 22 clever and easy gardening hacks are so useful that using them can change the way you garden forever.


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Herbs can be finicky about water, take the guess work out of herb gardening & watch them thrive in these self-watering planters made from pop bottles!
Find out how to best use hydrogen peroxide for plants and in your garden. Includes recipes to fight fungal infections, sanitize seeds, accelerate seed germination, fertilize your plants and using peroxide to keep pests away.


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10 Ways to Love Watermelon|Craving Something Healthy
How to Harvest, Cure, and Store Onions - The Seasonal Homestead


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HOW TO GROW SUCCULENT PLANTS FROM A LEAF. It’s simple to grow a new succulent plant from a leaf and it’s really fun to watch the succulent plant grow. Instructions for growing a succulent from a leaf via @gardenexperimnt


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DIY Miracle Grow – Plant Instructions
How To Power Your Garden, Flowerbeds, and Perennials With Coffee Grounds.  #coffeegrounds #nitrogen #natural #fertilizer #coffee #compost #perennial #flower #tree #organic #oldworldgardenfarms


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Waters the root zone, not the weeds! Leaves stay dry, reducing blight. You'll be amazed what a difference these can make to water-loving crops like eggplant!   #lovegardeners
How to Use Plastic Pop Bottles to Water Your Indoor Plants | Hunker
31+ Clever DIY Self-Watering Container Garden Ideas When You're Away


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We use a reciprocating saw to cut the grasses off about 3 to 5" above the ground.


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Gardening is a sign of hope for the future... currently in my garden and shown here: Love Song, Sexy Rexy, Distant Drums, Raspberry Kiss and Maurice Utrillo. My garden also includes varieties of zinnia, rudbeckia, cosmos, garlic, lavender and tomato. I have found these tips to work very well in keeping my Arizona garden happy, healthy and full of blooms. I hope they do the same for you! ❤️
как да подрежете розите правилно
Lots of great info on how and when to prune your rose bushes - most of these tips are super easy and impossible to forget.


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Incompatible plants - some plants grow well together and some plants do not plant together! Vegetables, herbs, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes [LEARN MORE]
Grow these plants next to each other and prepare for a poor harvest this spring and summer!
Companion planting is a great way to control pests and increase yields and space in your vegetable garden. Learn how to use companion planting in your garden- including trap crops, attracting beneficials, and other benefits. Learn the best companions for most popular garden crops.

Companying Planting

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If you have a clematis vine you love (or a friend does), this tip shows you how to take cuttings to create more vines—that's what propagation is. #gardening #clematis #propagation #empressofdirt


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If you're looking for the best indoor houseplants, shop The Sill's collection of easy care houseplants. We'll deliver our happy, healthy potted plants straight to your door. Care instructions included.
The absolute best list of practically immortal indoor hanging plants that you can't kill no matter how hard you try. #hangingplants #indoorplants #easyplants #beginnerplants #bestindoorplants #indoorgarden #verticalgarden #urbanoasis #succulents #monstera #plantsforbeginners #easycareplants #urbanjungle #decortrend


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