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an old wooden gate in the middle of a grassy area with rocks and trees around it
The thing about garden gates is that they are available in many different sizes and designs, which makes them a lot more beautiful. Here you will find some really great garden gate ideas that will certainly make your garden’s entrance more beautiful.
a truck bed with some wood on the back of it and a basket full of firewood behind it
Building A Rustic Front Yard Gate - Grit
Rustic Osage Orange and wire gate.
a wooden gate made out of logs and wire in front of some trees with grass on the ground
Beautiful, Rustic Dog Fence – Mother Earth News
this would be easy enough to do, go cut some poles, buy some wire, it would have to be a little taller for our dogs though. Beautiful, Rustic Dog Fence DIY
an outdoor room with a couch in the middle
Garden Design
This award winning garden design uses concrete pipes to create seating, a water feature, and a fire pit: