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a green and white lizard laying on the ground
Northland Green Gecko
Northland Green Gecko, Nautilus gemmus, NZ
two lizards sitting on top of a green leaf covered table next to each other in a dark room
Cuban Knight Anoles originally from Cuba but now in the United States. Cuban knight anoles are the largest anoles in the world at 18”.
an iguana sitting on top of a piece of wood
Blue Iguana
Blue Iguana by Angi Wallace on 500px
a small lizard sitting on top of someone's hand
Photo (I follow back)
an iguana sitting on the ground looking around
Green Columbia
an orange and black lizard in water with its head above the water's surface
Chinese Crocodile Lizard
Chinese Crocodile Lizard | nature | | vulnerable species | #nature #wildlife
a small chamelon sitting on top of a branch with a ladybug on it's back
Lady love
two small green chamelons sitting on top of a tree branch
25 Amazing Chameleon Pictures
I have a lizard phobia. I don't understand it but hopeful I'll get over it one day because these lil guys are cute!
a colorful chamelon sitting on top of a tree branch