Slow roasted prime rib

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Easy Prime Rib Roast

This Salt and Pepper Crusted Prime Rib Roast recipe couldn't be any easier! Save this show stopping roast for your next special occasion dinner!

Tender Juicy Prime Rib

Garlic Butter Herb Prime Rib is melt in your mouth tender and juicy prime rib that is cooked to medium rare perfection and marbled with fat. The seared garlic butter herb crust is incredible!

An unconventional holiday calls for the world’s easiest prime rib roast

Use these tips and tricks to make a juicy and amazingly delicious prime rib roast.

How to Cook a Prime Rib That Melts in Your Mouth

Tender, succulent and savory, prime rib is one of the very best cuts of meat on the market and is often the most expensive item on steakhouse menus. Recreating this fine dining entree is quite simple, requiring only a few ingredients. For best results, start with a USDA Prime grade prime rib. The name of the cut ...

Perfect Prime Rib Roast Recipe & Cooking Tips | Self Proclaimed Foodie

If you're planning on making a mouthwatering Prime Rib Roast, follow this recipe for perfect results. The fresh herb crust and red wine sauce are amazing!

Rib Eye Roast and Giveaway Winner

3 reviews
70 minutes

A tender and delicious Rib Eye Roast flavored with tri-color pepper, kosher salt, rosemary, thyme, and garlic for that special occasion.

Bone In Standing Ribeye Roast Recipe

22 reviews
2 hours

Get creative this holiday season by making this amazingly delicious Bone-In Standing Ribeye Roast Recipe with Red Wine Pan Sauce!

Garlic Butter Smoked Prime Rib

Garlic Butter Smoked Prime Rib is the best smoked prime rib recipe on the internet. Slow smoked to perfection, this prime rib recipe is mouthwatering.

The Juiciest Slow Roasted Prime Rib Ever

38 reviews
14 hours

Slow Roasted Prime Rib is the perfect entree for a holiday dinner. Using a reverse-sear method creates a tender and juicy roast with a nice outer crust.

Standing Rib Roast Cooking Times | LoveToKnow

It can be confusing knowing how long to cook a rib roast as different cooking times (and temperatures) are recommended depending on the size of your roast. ...