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台湾一些海报设计(每天学点16.04.14) Graphic Design Vintage, Chinese Graphic, Poster Sport, Chinese Posters, Desain Quilling, Graphic Design Studio
the poster for an event in japan with people and animals on it, including horses
two men are painting an open door to another man's house with trees and mountains in the background
a poster with an image of people riding bikes on the road
a poster with people and animals in the park, on it's own side
品牌形象 list - 拾蒔生活製作所
an illustration of a small island surrounded by mountains
A Hui / Taiwan
關於臺灣 梯田、平原、湖泊和魚塭是台灣常見的水域環境, 我把它的樣貌收錄在我畫筆下, 希望台灣人不要忘記, 也讓全世界知道, 台灣有多漂亮。 Terraces, plains, lakes and fishing farms are territorial water environment which can be commonly seen in Taiwan. I drew it down with my art. Hope Taiwanese people will not forget and make the world to know how spectacular Taiwan is.
an advertisement for food photography with coffee and milk
秋天第一杯奶茶 | 啡茶drink tea ✖ foodography
Bai Sao Paulo Lemonade
Stay cool with Bai Sao Paulo Strawberry Lemonade, refreshing flavor without all the sugar.