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an old paper with the words god says stop worrying, trust my time i will never fail you save it if you trust
Trust God's Timing ⏰🙏
Let go of worry and embrace faith! God's timing is perfect, and He will never fail you. Save this message if you trust in His plan for you! #Faith #TrustGod #DivineTiming #Believe 🌟🕊️🙌
a black and white quote with the words whatever you feed will grow faith or fear
a black and white quote with the words just pray
Just Pray
a sign that says we repent enough to be forgotten but do we surrender enough to be changed?
wethebelievers on insta
a quote that reads when you are hanging on by a thread, make sure it's the hem of his garment
a piece of paper with the words, the bible is meant to be bread for only use, not cake for special occasions
Simply Sunday-The Bible - Cyndi Spivey
so true.......need more of the word in my daily life
the words god - ifdence are shown in blue and white
an old man with a hat and beard
an image of jesus holding the head of a woman in front of a cross with a quote from st augustine
St. Augustine ~ 03/18/23