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Dezider Salinka

Dezider Salinka
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Chest Made from Pallets | 99 Pallets

Once you made this DIY pallet chest you can just add a full stop to all their disgusting thoughts about pallet wood. If you take pity on the rustic pallets | 19 skvelých nápadov na bylinkové záhradky

No room for gardening in your life? With a few mason jars and a little DIY, you can create a wall-mounted herb garden like the one shown here. VIA Camille StylesSee the full Step-by-Step VIA Camille Styles - Herb Gardening Today


There’s no need to bring the cooler to the table when it’s already built in. This rain gutter ice caddy was made by removing most of the center slat of a picnic table and replacing it with a gutter of the same dimensions awesome idea !