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2 Indian Rupee 1988 banknote

India 2 Rupee 1988 banknote TWO RUPEES. Tiger. / Reserve bank of India. Guaranteed by the central goverment. I promise to pay bearer the sum of two rupees....

2 Indian Rupee 1988 banknote image :: India 10 Rupee 1989 banknote. RESERVE BANK OF INDIA...

India 10 Rupee 1989 banknote RESERVE BANK OF INDIA...

10 Indian Rupee 1989 banknote image

10 Indian Rupee 1981 banknote

India 10 Rupee 1981 banknote

10 Indian Rupee 1981 banknote image

Very rare one rupee note . it has a value of 25000 in antique market .

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Maharana Pratap proof set cover Maharana Pratap proof set obverse Reverse Maharana Pratap 100 rupee Maharana Pratap 10 rupee Maharana Pratap 1 rupee Maharana Pratap Singh was a ruler of Mewar and belonged to the Sisodiya clan of Suryavanshi Rajputs. Maharana Pratap Singh is believed to be the epitome of fiery Rajput pride and self-respect; he has exemplified the qualities to which Rajputs aspire for centuries. Maharana Pratap Singh was born as the eldest child among 25 brothers and 20…

10 Indian Rupee 1983 banknote

India 10 Rupee 1983 banknote

10 Indian Rupee 1983 banknote image

1 Nepalese Rupee 1972 banknote

Nepal 1 Rupee 1972 banknote

1 Nepalese Rupee 1972 banknote image

India 100 rupees Hirakud Dam across Mahanadi River

India 100 Rupees (1983-84) (agricultural work)

India-British Rupee KM 523 Prices & Values Sell Old Coins, World Coins, Bank Of India, My Collection, Art Gallery, British, Notes, Indian, Paper

India-British Rupee KM 523 Prices & Values

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has revealed in a reply to an RTI that the printing of Rs currency notes has been stopped. Not a single Rs note has been printed this financial year.

Opposite - Noteworthy or Not-worthy? A Design Critique of the new Rs. 2,000 note

India has a brand new currency note – a Rs. 2,000 note – the highest denomination in circulation currently. The new currency note was intr

Sri Lanka Ceylon 500 rupee bank note, asian money, circulated, used money

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