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a drawing of a woman with a skeleton on her stomach holding a baby in her arms
Anatomía traslúcida de Jason Levesque - Cultura Colectiva
an advert for the visual medical website, showing what it looks like to be pregnant
Beginning of the mother/baby bond! #pregnancy #human #embryo
an illustrated book cover with the title 10 amazing fact about the placenta on it
Pregnancy Information: Health, Your Body, Preparing for a Baby
10 Amazing Facts about the Placenta
surgeons performing surgery on the back of a woman's stomach with text overlay that reads 10 surprisings about ceasans
The Benefits of Having a Doula Around for a C-Section
With about a third of moms giving birth by cesarean, you would think that there wouldn't be as many surprises as there are... Here is what moms who had a cesarean say surprised them the most!
the inside of an animal's body with blood on it
Tu primer árbol fue una placenta
the pecreta and increta muscles are labeled in this diagram with their corresponding names
Blogs : Too Bad We Can't Just "Ban" Accreta-The Downstream Consequences of VBAC Bans
Placenta accreta: what is it and why is it becoming more common?
the diagram shows different types of flowers
Placenta Variations
Placenta Variations — Placenta Wisdom
a red and white knitted hat in a basket
Crochet Baby and Placenta within the Uterus!
a piece of meat that has been cooked on a plate with ketchup dripping from it
Northern Colorado Placenta Services, LLC
Beautiful and Unique Placentas