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the children are dressed in red skirts and white shirts, with their hands on their hips
Konkurs taneczny - Przedszkole MISIOLANDIA Niepubliczne Anglojęzyczne Bydgoszcz Fordon
Konkurs taneczny 2013
harry potter music notes with an owl on the top and one in the bottom corner
Harry Potter : Partition, démonstration au piano et conte musical
a sheet of paper with music notes and words written in different languages, on a wooden floor
Hudební výchova
the music notes are arranged in different colors
Note & Rest Visuals - Sized & Colored to Show Duration - Beth's Notes
note cards for teaching - Have to sign up, but SUCH a good way to teach this!
wooden music themed coasters with musical notes and trebles in black on them
Figuras musicales de madera Archives - Pequeño Mozart
a board game with the letter h on it and music notes all over it, as well as numbers
Rhythm Round About - to identify notes and rests
four lego beats are arranged on a blackboard with the words, whole note and half notes
Lego Beats Music Manipulatives - Let's Play Music