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So Legolas, Castiel, and Captain Jack Sparrow walk into a bar.: << I loved this from teh start, but I totally lost it with the Captain Jack Sparrow at the end :D

27 celebrities who blossomed after puberty

CAPTION: 27 celebrities who blossomed after puberty. REAL CAPTION: 27 celebrities who were either already cute or blossomed after money and makeup:))

Crowrey + Tumblr text posts. These are perfection

I just love Crowley so much. I hope that he doesn't die, but if he does he should really come back. Knock on wood<<<*sigh* sadly no. But we'll all miss you Crowley *gives Mark Sheppard a two fingered salute*

Try and tell me otherwise. Dean and Cas<3

Dean and Cas It's also the same look he gets when he wants to eat a particularly good looking cake so yeah no it's totally canon and the writers are just assbutts that are queer baiting us to the point of insanity

Why did I name this damn board supernatural? It's just destiel, destiel, and guess what? Yeah, a little bit more destiel. And sometimes a bit of sabriel