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an animal made out of popsicle sticks with the words w for walrus craft on it
A to Z Alphabet Animal Craft Ebook + Printable Templates
W for Walrus Craft with a Printable Template This craft is from the eBook – A to Z Alphabet Animal Crafts for Kids by @artsycraftsymom. Perfect for Letteroftheweek activity, alphabet craft, classroom decor, a birthday party or as animal crafts. Click to download the printable template to make your own.
a paper plate with an image of a polar bear on it and leaves around it
January 2012 – storytime katie
a paper plate with a bear on it next to a book about bears and other animals
Paper Plate Sleeping Bear Craft
Paper Plate Sleeping Bear that is a great craft for kids to make after you read the Bear Snores On! Perfect winter craft for preschool students! #bearcrafts #hibernation #booksandcrafts
a bulletin board with teddy bears and penguins on it's face in the clouds
Some of my bulletin boards
The Trendy Teacher : Some of my bulletin boards
two pieces of paper are sitting on a table
Hibernating bear craft. Paper plate cave, tissue paper snow
some paper plates with drawings on them and trees in the snow behind them are pictures of animals
a cake made to look like a tent with a bear on it and trees in the background
Hibernating bear idea. Could be used with "Bear Snores on"
two paper plates with pictures of animals on them
four handmade cards with trees, clouds and snow on blue paper in front of a white background
three pieces of art made to look like clothes pegs and laundry pins on a table
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there is a christmas tree on the wall next to a basket with presents in it
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