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Hmmm... Am sure mine would looove this one! Would look quite great to hang it from the stairs into the living room. Would need at least four stories though :-)
Bobby and Rosies set up with large door at front. I needed a pen with a roof as Bobby is a jumper so grids were the best option. They free range for about 8 hours a day.
Vanilla Cupcake Recipe & Flower Pot Tutorial - perfect for Mother's Day!
Chew toy for small pets also make sure that it is stable and that they don't fall off
I could see my kids doing this.
Pet Teepee Tent
House rabbitland. When I get rabbits, they will be spoiled.
diy cardboard box games - Google Search
Toy ideas, help *pic* - Rabbits United Forum
A Feeding Tree To Fill With Edible Goodies. Could Easily Be A Diy Project.