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“グラントリノお誕生日おめでとうございます~2代にわたるお師匠代理お疲れ様です!たい焼きいっぱい食べて!! さっきの潰れすぎだったので再掲しました;;”

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“First date doesn't go too well. #BEASTARS #beastarsfanart”

Rat King of Fighters | Super Smash Brothers Ultimate

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Ardiente Veneno- Enji Todoroki / Endeavor

Advertencia: lemon Se amaron tan intensamente que se rompieron... Se separaron y caminaron en sentidos opuestos, olvidando que el mundo es redondo. Portada hecha por @miss-horrible

JJBA/Jojo Memes - ☆31☆

Jojo Memes and other random jjba Images because this anime has consumed my soul and I was bored. Memes include parts 1-8 ⚠️⚠️NOT SPOILER FREE!.. THIS INCLUDES PARTS: 6,7 & 8⚠️⚠️ #2 JJBA 11/9/19 #3 Jojokes 11/10/19 #2 Jojokes 11/17/19 #1 Jojokes 11/22/19 #1 Jojosbizarreadventure 1/12/19 #2 Jojo 3/16/20 #1 JJBAmemes 3/21/20

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“DbDまとめ31 #漫画 #トラッパー #レイス https://t.co/p8AfqgrhXj”


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Still a funny christmas night❤

Still a funny christmas night❤

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“@EIRRI The Killer are interested in Ghostface's stun sounds...”

Awkward Zombie

Gags and goofs about videogames and the things that happen in them.

Don’t catch you slipping now

Don’t catch you slipping now #rateameme #Meme #Memepics

サワ太郎 さん / 2019年10月28日 08:10 投稿のマンガ | ツイコミ(仮)

作者:サワ太郎,sawataro777, 公開日:2019-10-28 08:32:43, いいね:5954, リツイート数:813, 作者ツイート:女体化/勝出

Claustrophobic [Scarves-of-Plenty]

Subreddit dedicated to the manga and anime "Beastars".