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Slovak folk dance performed by Lúčnica! Artistic Lúčnica was founded in 1948 and has three components: a dance, a choir and an orchestra. Lúčnice was founded by choreographer Olga Chodáková.

the largest wooden altar in the world - Altar of Master Paul in Levoča, Slovakia

the largest wooden altar in the world - Altar of Master Paul in Levoča town,Slovakia

Ladislav Rozman: Mysľava,Slovakia,1940

Slovak-folk-costumes: Mysľava, Slovensko/SLOVAKIA photo by Ladislav Rozman 1940

Slovak Woman .&. Children | What America’s Immigrants 'looked like *when* they arrived' on Ellis Island: We hear so often that America is "a nation of immigrants" or a "cultural mixing pot" . Unique America's History is as a Nation of Immigrants.

What America’s immigrants looked like when they arrived on Ellis Island

Slovak woman and her children arriving at Ellis Island, Circa By Augustus Sherman. My great grandparents came through Ellis Island from Slovakia

Slovak Republic

Albania { One Love to my Handsome son Miles J. Jackson } Black/Albanian of Largo Fla.

Vrbov village, Spiš region, Eastern Slovakia (man) Polomka village, Horehronie region, Central Slovakia (woman)

Today we're stepping back and looking at traditional folk attire of a couple from Slovakia. Honoring their roots, the couple decided to wear traditional Slovak folk costumes for a pre-wedding photoshoot in a little Belianske Tatras

Christs on earth!!

Back in the day people understood that God was Truly Present in the Blessed Sacrament. Back in the day God WAS Truly Present in the Blessed Sacrament.


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Levoča - Church of St. James, Slovakia

Restored altar by Master Pavol from Levoca - one of the finest gothic gems in Slovakia