Normal person (who doesn't dance): eeeewww that's ugly Dancer:This?

Starlite Flexuous Margo Leotard, stretch lace dancewear. Cap sleeve leotard with stretch lace yoke. Price from £15.25 at Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap Dance, Hip Hop, Street, Dancewear Recital Costumes #dance #ballet

Starlite Flexuous Margo leotard my daughter Alexis had that before she like to wear it around the house a lot

"Who needs a boyfriend to have a social life?! Not me, I dance and that IS my life." Bam, couldn't have said that better!

ballet truth I don't need to have a real boyfriend to be happy i can have dance as my boyfriend and also be EXTREMELY HAPPY they won't judge me or get mad at me. My boyfriend is perfect. I love you dance!

i wish i had dancer legs, but then i would be stone broke with showing them off in amazing stuff like this!!!!

I need to make myself some warmers.i love leg warmers. I OBSESS leg warmers

Boston Ballet

Scoring Basketball Academy - Boston Ballet - TSA Is a Complete Ball Handling, Shooting, And Finishing System! Here's What's Included.

Grand jette

That moment when your grand jeté is in full extension and you feel like you're flying

want to do this with my sister!!! MEGAROO!!

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