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Kornel Džibutskij

Kornel Džibutskij
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25 Facts That Will Destroy Your Worldview

A child’s skull before losing baby teeth - WTF fun facts>>>>> that is so disgusting. that's what my skull looks like with baby teeth.

Giant Black Holes May Be on a Collision Course -Astronomers have found what may be two supermassive black holes in a quasar due to become one in roughly 21 years Pinner's note: I consulted on the computer array for the UW-Milwaukee NANOGRAV

Colliding black holes simulation, extreme physics in action. Two giant black holes possibly to collide.


Drawing Realistic Ears Unless you are a cartoon artist, drawing realistic ears is one of the the hardest parts of the human body you will ever learn to draw. Not because it is hard to draw - but.