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an embroidered banner with birds and flowers in the center, on which is a drawing of a basket filled with eggs
‘The Pelican in her Piety’. It refers to the... - It Was A Work of Craft
an old book with drawings of animals and birds on it's pages, including the title page
Pelican Signet Ring Tattoo, Family Seal, Dieren, Pelican, Bird Art, Wax Seals, Signet Ring
Bespoke Signet Ring Shop - Heraldic Engravings
Pelican Signet Ring
a close up of a gold seal with an eagle on it
SCA Pelican medallion in progress by Comtesse EzaBella
a stained glass window with a swan on it
Fiddington - East Window Detail 1
The hamlet of Fiddington lies to the East of Nether Stowey in Somerset. The parish church, dedicated to Saint Martin of Tours, barely receives a write-up in Pevsner. The church has a number of good stained glass windows. This picture shows a detail from the East window of the Church. It depicts a Pelican in her piety, a symbol of sacrifice and charity.
a stained glass window with an image of a bird and its nest in the center
a stained glass window with an image of a bird on it's back end
Pelican in Piety - a photo on Flickriver
Pelican in Piety by Aidan McRae Thomson, via Flickr
a stained glass window with an image of a pelican on it's side
The Pelican-in-her-Piety © Maigheach-gheal cc-by-sa/2.0
The Pelican-in-her-Piety by Miss Steel
a stained glass window with birds and flowers
Pelican in her piety, stained glass, St Andrew, Hingham, Norfolk
a stained glass window with an image of a bird
The Pelican-in-her-Piety, St Mary's... © Maigheach-gheal
The Pelican-in-her-Piety, St Mary's Church by Miss Steel, via Geograph
two birds are sitting on top of a metal plaque with gold chains around it's edges
St Frideswide Church, Oxford
St Frideswide Church, Oxford by Sheepdog Rex, via Flickr
a carving on the side of a building with flowers and leaves around it, in white
the emblem is made up of many different colors and designs, including an eagle with wings spread out
Pie Pellicane!
The Pelican In Her Piety
an image of a bird on top of a book with the words, in gold and blue