Miloš Diežka

Miloš Diežka

motto : " život je kreslenie bez gumy"
Miloš Diežka
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Watercolor Travel Illustration - New York Loves You print. Jessica Durrant etsy

Watercolor Travel Illustration – New York Loves You Print – Another Good One For A Tattoo…could Have A Whole World Of Cities Tattooed. (would Probably Love Something With The Wtc In It)

Preliminary Study Sketches. Approximately 20-30 minutes each.  Drawings by Bruce Bondy, Bondy Studio.

I love these messy drawings, really appeals to my aesthetic with the messy linework and hatching. Another detail I really like is the fact that the hatching is one the same angle for all the shading, it ties the sketches together.

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Abi Daker specializes in creating unique, hand-rendered geographic visualizations for her clients. Abi's attention to detail and strong drawing te.