Dia Lajzová

Dia Lajzová

Dia Lajzová
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Even the most delicate of items can make a statement - eyelashes by Amanda Ringstad.

Inspiration for a vitrine/window display or merchandising display isle for beauty/cosmetic products for a department store or cosmetic beauty products

Nifty—50 | 50 Creatives. 50 One-Off Posters.

Swooning over poster of a poem by Karin Boye. Saw it today and it instantly caught my eye.Full poem below:Yes, of course it hurts when buds are breaking. Why else would the springtime falter? Why would all our ardent longing bind itself in frozen,.

Étagères ingénieuses | l || l-

Bookcase CTline bookshelf designed by Victor Vasilev. From a particular angle, this construction looks nothing like a bookshelf, but rather a minimalistic art installation.

Materia Project by Casamood display. Interested? Come and visit our Partner Showrooms all over the world.

paint and number file cabinets. Mask numbers and outside and paint fronts with black or white spray paint. Place class projects as photo placards