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a cake made out of macaroons and flowers
Macaroons are the perfect option for a light but scrumptious wedding day treat that your guests will love!
several decorated macaroons with roses on the table next to each other and one red rose
Creative project: Hand-painted macarons. Flavour: Chocolate baileys…
pink macaroons and pastries on a white surface
Hibiscus Tea Infused Macaron & Meringue #hybiscus #fleur #liveauthentic #food52 #edibleseattle #... #yooying
blue macaroons with white flowers on them next to an envelope
1,642 Synes godt om, 87 kommentarer – caroline khoo | nectar & stone (@nectarandstone) på Instagram: "How I adored making this colour "
a tray filled with pink macaroons covered in frosted icing and flowers
THE prettiest macaroons! ★
a stack of macaroons sitting on top of a table
25 Wedding Desserts That Are Far More Exciting Than Cake
Make a delectable wedding dessert tower out of macarons | Onelove Photography
a stack of macaroons sitting on top of each other in shades of blue and white
Coming Soon...
Ombre Blue Macaron Tower - I like the cascading effect
an assortment of macaroni and cheeses displayed on a table with a sign
French macaron tower at wedding