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the interior of a doll house with furniture and decor
an animated kitchen with blue cabinets and white appliances, including a stove top oven, sink, countertop, and stools
Sims House, Animal Crossing Pocket Camp
an animated view of a kitchen and dining room in the same house, but with different tables and chairs
an image of a living room with plants in the corner and other items on the floor
there are two pictures of the same animal in front of their house and behind them is another photo
tasha (@tashaaacnh) on X
tasha on Twitter: "Finally started working on the neighborhood 🌿🏡 Lolly & Sylvana were first! #ACNH #animalcrossing #ACNHDesign" / Twitter
a painting of a picnic table on the water with a teepee tent in the background
10 Amazing Winter Island Ideas In Animal Crossing New Horizons - ACNH Winter & Christmas Design Ideas
two screens showing the same house and garden
Animal Crossing New Horizons English Garden