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a poster with a hand holding a piece of wood and the words nedame sa zommitt
Nedajme sa Zlomiť
the cover of komu 2 revivals of socialist typefaces from czech to poland
DizajnDesign - Komu Type specimen
there is a chair that has some papers on it
Komu typeface http://bit.ly/komu_type used by Peter Liška http://peterliska.sk/ in Bratislava Design Week 2014. http://www.bratislavadesignweek.sk/
a yellow sticker that reads bezider - toh monogramistaa t d
Komu A typeface bit.ly/komu_type in the the book MONOGRAMISTA TD. Design by Boris Melus.
a poster for an upcoming show with a christmas tree on top of a tall tower
The Christmas market under the Pyramid (Vianočné trhy pod pyramídou) https://www.facebook.com/events/535941726542261/ are using Komu Typeface bit.ly/komu_type for their identity.
an advertisement for a footwear brand is shown
Komu typeface bit.ly/komu_type for the website for festival ticket system based on scannig the ticket codes. http://biletarka.sk/sk/biletarka/index Design by andybezak.com
a movie poster for rukojemnik with a young boy in striped shirt
Komu typeface used for the film movie poster RUKOJEMNIK
the book cover is white and has blue writing on it, which reads indonesian atlas
Komu Typeface on the Cover and Headlines in the Book "Bratislava Atlas of Mass Housing". The book was nominated for National Price for Design 2013
a blue poster with red and white lettering on it
Komu Typeface was used as a base before cutting the letters for this poster. /// Design by Cvernovka team
a book with the title designum 3 grafficky dizain jeau obsah
Komu Typeface on the Cover of Designum magazine /// Design by Boris Melus
the poster for pecha kucha night trnava, featuring clouds and stars
Poster for Pecha Kucha Night Trnava by Misha Chmelickova /// http://www.mish.sk/
a bus stop with a large poster on it's side
Komu typeface in use for the exhibition "Prerusena piesen" propagation materials /// Design by Pavka - www.pavka.sk
the museum will be closed starting from 28 / 01 / 11 to technical lessons on
Security Check Required
Komu typeface was used in another movie! Vystava (The Exhibition).
an open book with the title table ronde written in arabic and two men sitting at a table
Contact Support
Komu typeface used along with an arabic text. /// Design by Maajoun
a person holding up a book with paper cut out of it
Komu typeface used for the university project