Rainy day spring craft : Adorable decorated paper umbrellas for kids to cut out and color in. Glue to paper and create a rainy day scene. Great art craft for older kids and younger kids to do together. How can we link this to God on our rainy days?

Weather-Themed Art Project:  Watercolor Umbrellas

Plastiquem: PLOU I TOTS ANEM AMB PARAIGÜES. Crayon and watercolor umbrella drawings. Crayon resist with blue water correct over white crayon. Or cool colors over white crayon and make the umbrella warm colors only.

Evergreen shrubs make a nice background to other shrubs and flowers.

Use Evergreens to Make an Impact

Enjoy a Soothing Backdrop-Tall, upright evergreens (such as narrow 'Iseli Fastigiate' blue spruce and 'Medora' juniper)

rainbow craft

16 Kids Spring Crafts Some can easily be incorporated into a story-time craft (the cloud reminds me of sid the science kid, a big rain cloud song)

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17309613_1634369673269721_7022037845610619568_n.jpg (720×960)