Viac nápadov od Domini

Another Resolution is to expand on my music taste. I really like the music i listen to and i would love to find similar artists.

Pastel goth is all about mixing the pretty with the pretty tough.

Teen fashion! {Föłłôw mé <3 <3 RØXŸ} @roxylampe33 î fôłłöw báçk!

OUTFIT: black beanie, white top, black skinny jeans or leggings (?), black doc martens, acid-washed denim jacket

grunge outfits for teenage girls | Vans Girls – The official Tumblr for Vans Girls. Cool images and DIY ...

Sun Washed Vintage Flannel Shirts

Whoever this girl is I see all over Pinterest (update: Lua P) I love literally everything she wears. Soft grunge / punk

OMG THOSE WHITE DOCS!! Grunge fashion back and white cross street style dress.

polo hat + tiger shirt + leather jacket or denim button up + shorts + plaid shirt around waist + converse

Luanna. Lovelovelove her style- it's like, grunge bohemian.