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two t - shirts with black and white laces on them
Double Lace-Up Hem Crop T-shirt
Double Lace-Up Hem Crop T-shirt
a person wearing a white shirt with a bee patch on the chest and one hand in their pocket
White Tee with Embroidered Bumblebee
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the woman is showing off her shirt and bow tie for the photo shoot in front of the camera
20 Maneras de transformar tus prendas y accesorios para este Verano
summer diy17
how to diy distressed denim shorts
25 Easy DIY Ways To Update Your Old Shorts For This Summer -
Denim shorts are a classic wardrobe staple that will probably (hopefully) never go out of style. Denim cut-offs keep you cool on the hottest days while also looking keeping you American-chic (it’s a thing. I just made it up). They’re comfy, they’re versatile, and they’re super simple to wear. They’re the best! The only negative … Read More
several pieces of fabric are laid out on the ground with paint and brushes in them
four different types of tops with ties on the front, back and side views in various colors
How To Hand Sew – The Basics
a blue shirt with white scallops on the front and bottom, sitting on a table
DIY | Cropped Top – Cadê Meu Chapéu?
DIY Cropped Top More
a woman sitting on the ground next to a t - shirt
Diy T-Shirt Makeover
the heart shaped scarf is being sewn on by someone's hands, and they are made out of sweaters
Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve: DIY Elbow Patches
'Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve: DIY Elbow Patches — Apartment Therapy Tutorials...!' (via Apartment Therapy)
the bottom half of a pair of shorts with holes in it
Grab some ideas: Photo
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