Stormy Lover

Stormy Lover

♥Out Of Reality♥ / ♥I love stormy weather♥ ♥I´m crazy girl♥ ♥I love making covers♥ ♥I love writing short stories or fantasy stories♥ my wattpad account: dnprincesslove04 LOVEYOU
Stormy Lover
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the mortal parents and their demigod children pt. 1

cookiekhaleesi: the mortal parents and their demigod babies Piper & Annabeth

Cave of Crystals, Naica, Chihuahua, Mexico

What about visiting 15 most amazing caves in the world? Now it's time to be rescued from busy and boring office to the underground caves.

So lovely

Random Inspiration 121 - This picture has a shallow depth of field and a very central line (the fence) that leads your eye into the distance, which is all blurry, whereas in front the grass is very clear.