I am sorry for this rather deep subject but I felt like an educational piece was in order. Especially one I am intimately familiar with. Please “Like” and/or “Share” this blog so the word gets out so more people may get the help they may need. Please comment below if you have experience with this disease or to learn more from people with experience. I also have a nice “Recipe of the Day” for you as well.

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It’s no secret around here that I am a supporter of the alien astronaut theory. As a person with a passion for history and archaeology I LOVE the History channel and the other channels that may teach people something (as opposed to “My Big Redneck Vacation”, which was actually funny by-the-way!). My wife will tell you if it doesn’t involve aliens, mummies and ancient civilizations, I won’t watch it. Well, this is mostly true…

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I’ve had animals all my life. Mostly cats and dogs but I’ve also had the occasional animal friend that I didn’t own like Coco-Bean the miniature donkey. My friend “Tomato-Man” Henry owns him. The purpose of this particular post is to bring to light those groups and people who spend their lives helping animals of all types (mostly the four-legged kind but due to man’s lack of compassion some of them only have three… or less). This post is dedicated to them.

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