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“I think everyone should give bully breeds a chance.”

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“I think everyone should give bully breeds a chance.” Presented by @skechers
What Dreams Are Made Of: Lundi and Katrina’s Story 🐴 ❤️
A retired racehorse finds a new home and career with a professional equestrian who’s on a quest for glory! Read more about this happy tail here by clicking the link in bio (bit.ly/3wSZopg) 🧡
Senior pony, Gramps, demonstrates the impact of veterinary & rehoming assistance @ #ASPCA
In May 2023, Gramps arrived at the ASPCA Equine Transition and Adoption Center (ETAC) in Oklahoma after his owner had to make the difficult decision to surrender him. At 33 years old, Gramps was losing weight, missing teeth, and had Cushing's disease - common in older equines. Our team carefully examined Gramps, ultimately determining his health could be improved. Katie, an equine veterinarian, was hoping to adopt a pony suitable for her young nieces when she came across Gramps! His story is a standout case that demonstrates the impact of both veterinary and rehoming assistance, as well as the importance of looking beyond age and other stigmas that horses in shelters face.
Stories of Survival: Journey 🐴
Journey 🐴 was traveling in a trailer that was carrying 29 horses to slaughter when it wrecked on the interstate. She was one of the lucky 15 survivors transported to Longmeadow Rescue Ranch in Union, Missouri. She avoided any major injuries from the crash, but most importantly, she avoided a cruel, inhumane death at an out-of-country horse slaughterhouse. With minimal wounds and support from staff and volunteers, she was able to trust people easily, and it was soon discovered that Journey was pregnant when she was on the slaughter-bound trailer. Ten months later, Journey gave birth to a foal named Cruiser. Once Cruiser was weaned, Journey was evaluated and made available for adoption! Journey now lives a happy life with another adopted horse, Chuck, and three human children. Journey i
a woman is petting a black cat in front of a filing cabinet with yellow accents
Overcoming Fear and Opening Up to Love: Nino’s Journey Home
Nino was rescued along with over 20 other cats from an overcrowded home. Upon his arrival to the ASPCA, he was extremely fearful and avoidant of any human interaction. Now, Nino is a loving and outgoing cat with a loving and devoted pet parent-far from his sad beginnings.
a white dog standing on top of a wooden floor next to a blue trash can
One of the Worst Cases We've Ever Seen: Adam's Miraculous Recovery
Rescued by the ASPCA along with over 50 other animals, Adam was one of the worst cases our responders had ever seen. The young dog needed immediate medical attention and would require extensive socialization and recovery time. Fortunately, no one ever gave up on Adam, and he soon became a beloved pet.
a black cat standing on top of a gray couch
Fearful Jules Overcomes the Odds and Opens Herself Up to a Loving Home
After being rescued by the NYPD, sensitive Jules took a long time to warm up to people. Before finding a loving home, Jules had to overcome her fearfulness and learn to trust. Luckily, time and patience led the sweet cat to a family. Don't miss her touching story!
a cat being examined by a veterinator in an office setting with other people
Record-Breaking Number of Adoptions at Annual Cat Friday Event!
More than 100 animals were adopted at the ASPCA's seventh annual Cat Friday adoption event in partnership with Subaru of America, Inc. The all-day event was held last Friday and featured a record-breaking number of adoptions. Don't miss the highlights!
a small white dog standing on top of a black floor next to a wall in an office building
Once Injured and Afraid, Blake Proves There is Always Hope for a Second Chance
In the beginning of June 2017, one-year-old Blake was brought into the ASPCA by the NYPD after being found with multiple fractures in his back leg that had gone untreated. Due to the severity of his injuries, Blake went straight to the ASPCA's Animal Recovery Center (ARC), where veterinarians made the difficult decision to amputate the small dog's damaged leg.
a man and woman kneeling next to a brown dog on the ground with his arm around him
Out of the Storm: Quinley Escapes Hurricane Harvey and Finds Love in the Big City
For Quinley, a young Labrador/hound-mix, getting out of harm's way in the wake of Hurricane Harvey meant traveling roughly 1,800 miles, through 12 states, from Corpus Christi, Texas, to New York City's Upper East Side. Quinley was one of 41 dogs relocated from Texas animal shelters to make space for owned animals expected to be impacted by the storm.
a white and black dog laying on the floor with a tennis ball in its mouth
No Longer Alone: Morgan Finds the Joy of Family
After she was abandoned and left under a footbridge, sweet Morgan was brought to the ASPCA for the care she desperately needed. Now known as Mia, this adorable pit bull-mix is living happily with her new family in a loving home. Read more about her heartwarming journey.
a woman holding a white and black dog with it's mouth open
Worth the Wait: After a Sad Beginning, Tori Finds her Match
After being tied up and abandoned on a rooftop, energetic Tori struggled to find the right home. Fortunately, with a little patience and lots of love, this sweet pit bull was given her happy ending. Don't miss her heartwarming story!
a small brown dog standing on top of a street
Chispi’s New Wheels: One Chihuahua Finally Knows What It’s Like to Run
When the ASPCA's Community Medicine team first met Chispi, a small Chihuahua missing her front legs, they knew that they wanted to go above and beyond for the unique dog. Now, Chispi has a new set of wheels to help her get around and she couldn't be happier.
a man sitting next to a woman holding a cat in a cage on top of a table
ASPCA Celebrates Third Annual “Clear the Shelters” Adoption Event
On August 19 the ASPCA participated in "Clear the Shelters," an event held by animal shelters across the country to promote adoption. The event offered waived or discounted adoptions fees, and nearly 400 visitors came to the ASPCA to find furry friends. Don't miss some of the highlights from this adorable adoption event!