Easter Island Moai

Collection by Dominic Barnes

Dominic Barnes
The curious Moai (monolithic statues) of the Rapa Nui people, on Easter Island, Polynesia. hough moai are whole-body statues, they are commonly referred to as "Easter Island heads". Easter Island Moai, Easter Island Statues, New Seven Wonders, Wonders Of The World, Rafting, Thailand Beach, Places To Travel, Places To See, Mysterious Places

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To catch a glimpse of this stunning collection of temples and palaces as the sun rises is a spiritual experience that deserves the No.1 spot in anyone’s travel bucket list ideas. Relax in the Fingers Lakes, New York State, USA There’s nothing that dictates that travel bucket list ideas have to be spectacular or ...

The Easter Island statues (Moai) are totems to their gods. A totem needn't be a pole as in Alaska. Tiki Art, Tiki Tiki, Beautiful World, Beautiful Places, Easter Island Statues, Tiki Head, Tiki Lounge, Atelier D Art, Ancient Mysteries

Easter Island statues (Moai) of Alternanthera (4)

Easter Island statues (Moai) of Alternanthera (4) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!