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“One of the beautiful things about Buddhism is that it does not worship Buddha as a god or deity, but instead celebrates the Buddha as an example of a normal person like you and me who applied a good.

underwater-ruins-shicheng-ancient-city-china..n its article 7 Underwater Wonders of the World, WebUrbanist wrote that “China’s submerged Lion City may be the most spectacular underwater ruins of the world, at least until more of Alexandria is explored.”

Chinese flooded Lion City, also called Shi Cheng. More than half a century ago, the Chinese flooded Lion City, also called Shi Cheng. Recently Shi Cheng was explored by archaeologists who dubbed ‘Lion City’ as China’s ‘Atlantis rediscovered.

Harry Potter: Jokes

"And when you smile, the whole world stops and stares for awhile." Just The Way You Are by Bruno Mars featuring He Should Not Be Named Voldemort