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Victoria's Secret models tell us their 100% honest diet and fitness tips. Click through to read their tips!

Victoria's Secret models tell us their honest diet and fitness routines. Click through to read their tips!

Pfffttttt thigh gap, Victoria secrets what the fuck ever- this looks like it takes about 10 minutes and sounds good to add in to the rotation.

I think the entire thigh gap thing is RIDICULOUS, and I know I am not built to ever have one, but this still seems like a pretty solid leg workout.

Kendall Jenner Ab Workout! Sexy Flat Stomach Workout!! She totally had to fight genetics, see how she does it…Girlfriend is training hard, running a business and building a brand! Check out the diet and secret drink she uses to stay lean!

VS Victoria's Secret Model Kendall Jenner, Reality TV Inherited Genes and "Get it Done" Business Woman Defies Genetics-loses weight & rocks the runway! They told her she was too fat to model, she showed them.

How to get the legs of a Victoria's Secret Model - 21 Day Cardio Challenge

Don't you want Victoria secret legs? I already have long gorgeous legs but let's get my legs fit