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Dominika Ondrusikova

Dominika Ondrusikova
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Dog vs. speed.  And then you crash at 130km/h since you are too busy taking those pictures.

Funny pictures about Dog sticking his head out the window. Oh, and cool pics about Dog sticking his head out the window. Also, Dog sticking his head out the window photos.

30 day challenge final edit. So cute

Goals- strengthen relationship, focus on the positive Time: 30 days- time varies for each day's activity Contraindications- other person in relationship may not want to participate, may take "too long", could cause a fight between the relationship

I am pretty sure that is exactly how it happened

Oh my goodness. Or he could have thought that Alec was a Lightworm (totally calling them that from now on XD) because Cecily looked like Will and married Gabriel, but yeah, Jace the sarcastic asshole<<<<totally agree. But OMG I love Magnus