Richard Kiss

Richard Kiss

Slovakistan / Designer/illustrator/musician
Richard Kiss
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呢每熨斗幾靚,不過應該唔好揸手 | 設計•香港

呢每熨斗幾靚,不過應該唔好揸手 | 設計•香港

Not sure, a good steamer needs a whole lot of steam. Might try.

Sunbeam Convertible Iron and Steamer. look for a combo for when my iron dies.

Rowenta Silence Steam

Rowenta Silence Steam Eco - Centro de planchado W, 6 bares de presión, vapor continúo de 120 g/min)

I've gotta get me one of these. It irons your clothes in 2 seconds...I hate ironing!

Futuristic Appliances for Compact Living at Grand Designs Live Birmingham Oct 2010

熨斗 - Google 搜尋

The convenience of maintaining freshly pressed shirts on the go is often lost when traveling. However, with this compact foldable iron designed by Apostol Knokovski, avid travellers will be able to carry and use an iron without hassle.

Philips PerfectCare Pure

Philips PerfectCare Pure Philips PerfectCare Pure - the world’s most compact powerful steam generator with the most advance anti-scale system, featuring OptimalTemp technology