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All too true. INTP was the first type I got and I always read other descriptions and think, "That's me, too." Maybe I'm not totally one, but this is still my primary.

I totally believe I'm an INTP, but love to read new things about my type. I have confidence (usually at the wrong times). And I only sometimes feel loneliness.

Small talk is entirely insulting and is in fact a waste of time.

INTP - (Ti-Ne-Si-Fe) Please send in any asks or submissions that you might have. Remember, this is a page for the INTPs, by an INTP.

Extroverted Intuition

Everything INTP Hah! My curiosity can lead to caring - but not always. This is especially bad in terms of making female relationships.

But alas, the general public oftentimes lacks information or knowledge that an intellectual finds utterly obvious.

From an INTP: And then somebody else brings it up and the group thinks it's some great revelation. And I'm just over by myself thinking, well, yeah, duh.