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cute little shiba pup. Kenji looked like this when he was little

taking in nature and whatnot

Rose gold jewellery for septum piercing

Faux septum piercing Commitment-Free nose ring • painless •Adjustable! •looks 100% real • beautiful!! • COMES IN ROSE GOLD •COMES IN SILVER •COMES IN GOLD •1/$3 • 2/$4 •3/$5 •4/$6 WANT MORE THAN 4? LEAVE REQUEST IN COMMENTS! •QUESTIONS?? LEAVE IN COMMENT SECTION. THANKS DONT BUY THIS LISTING. I WILL CREATE YOUR OWN LISTING TO BUY.!! PINK Victoria's Secret Accessories

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"Stay hungry. Stay foolish. And sometimes, just stay." -Shibe Jobs

monochrome fall outfit idea and inspiration

Chambray shirttail peeking out from underneath a chunky sweater