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an old fashioned wall light in the corner of a room with sheets on the floor
Happy Easter! He Is Risen! Take Off The Grave Clothes! - Ron Edmondson
an image of a woman with flowers in her hand and the words russian vece
the words in spanish are lit up with christmas lights and poinsettia flowers
a poem written in spanish with pink flowers and leaves on the bottom right hand corner
an image of the statue of mary in front of a cave with words below it
Jesus, Movie Posters, Film Posters
a red candle sitting on top of a table next to a book with flowers in front of it
an open book with black and white writing on the front cover, in russian language
the back cover of an italian book with words written in english and spanish on it
a vase filled with blue flowers sitting on top of a table
a person sitting on top of a hill under a sky filled with stars and clouds
the words are written in different languages and have flowers on each side of the phrase
a poem written in russian on a red background with the words pray boze,
Make Your Day
an image of jesus pointing to the right with words above it that say he is god