Anna Jelinková

Anna Jelinková

Košice, Slovakia / Metalhead, fantasy-history-animal lover
Anna Jelinková
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There's no way I am going to count that

25 Problems Only People Who Have Played In A School Orchestra Will Understand- flutes never have that many rests


Funny pictures about Hipster dog lost his bone. Oh, and cool pics about Hipster dog lost his bone. Also, Hipster dog lost his bone photos.

someone asks your favorite color give them a wavelength in n - Science Major Mouse

Science major mouse is a small white mouse with all the trials and tribulations of a college science major. Here is the best of the science major mouse meme.

Physics humor

physics ['fIzIks] n. (functioning as singular) (Physics / General Physics) the bunch of science concerned with using extremely long and complicated formulas to describe how a ball rolls.