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Taco cake

DIY Taco Cake

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You know what happens when you fold a regular ol’ round cake in half? You get a TACO CAKE! We’ve been having so much fun with these cake hacks, like the pop tart and the cereal bowl cake. And with National Taco Day coming up on October 4th… this one only seemed natural. Though truly any day is …

Royal icing honeycomb and dogwood flower cookies

Let's Smell the Flowers - A Virtual Cookie Collaboration | Sweetopia

A how to on making a royal icing honeycomb cookie and a gumpaste dogwood flower, and sharing an array of pretty, decorated flower cookies by a group of cookie artists.

Chill pill Twinkies

Chill Pill Twinkies

One of my greatest joys in my career is thinking of one item, like a twinkie, and thinking of what I can turn it into… LIKE A CHILL PILL! Chill pill TWINKIES you guys! Seriously, I’m sure that joy was evident based on our track record (ehm… pop tart chair, taco letter holder, fruit slice …

Cactus cupcakes

Cactus Cupcakes - Fork and Beans

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65 minutes

Save the drought here in California by setting up your garden with these fun, allergen-friendly and edible Cactus Cupcakes.

Pantone cookies

Rainbow Color Palette Inspiration

This month's hashtag challenge was all about finding, creating and celebrating rainbows in everyday life. From carefully crafted arrangements of craft supplies, flowers and food to naturally occurring rainbows around us, these photos were colorful and uplifting in huge way. It's hard to be upset or down when you're looking at something as colorful as a rainbow, so I loved seeing all of these rainbow-inspired images pop up in our feed and continue to inspire others to share. Thank you so much…

Weenie dog weenies

ダックスフンドのお弁当 - てしぱんさんの簡単かわいいおべんとさん [公式連載][レシピブログ]

ダックスフンドのお弁当 調理時間:10分...

Totoro black sesame cookie

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30 minutes

Whimsical, buttery shortbreads with toasty black sesame!

Totoro grilled cheese

Totoro Jalapeño Grilled Cheese Recipen · i am a food blog

Totoro week continues with this Totoro jalapeño grilled cheese! Be sure to check out Lyndsay’s Totoro cake tutorial & Catbus tutorial and my Totoro apple pie pancakes & Totoro black sesame donuts! I’m ending off Totoro week with a Totoro grilled cheese! He’s savoury, he’s spicy,...

Graham cracker beach house!

Graham Cracker Beach House

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1 hour

This Graham Cracker Beach House & Peanut Butter Cookie Surfboards is a fun, beach-themed decoration that was used for a Christmas party table centerpiece.

Palm tree doughnuts take you to the beach

Edible Obsession: Palm Tree Beach Donuts

Read on for a beachy dessert perfect for summertime…

Teddy bear pancakes

Instagram post by Anett Velsberg • Apr 23, 2016 at 8:19am UTC

13.3k Likes, 332 Comments - Anett Velsberg (@anettvelsberg) on Instagram: “* Spelt pancakes this morning. Have a beary lovely weekend, people 🐻”

Chocolate glazed black cat doughnuts

Chocolate Glazed Black Cat Doughnuts - Domestic Gothess

Chocolate glazed black cat doughnuts - delicious, soft, fried yeasted ring doughnuts with a silky chocolate ganache glaze & cute cat design.

Mint chocolate chip macarons

Mint Chocolate Chip Macarons

The fun thing about working with an unfamiliar oven is having an excuse to go back to basics. I was super scared to try macarons in the o...

Lemon macarons w/white chocolate ganache. Bonus: They look like lemons

When Life Gives You Lemons...It's Time for a Mac Attack! (Lemon Macarons with White Chocolate Ganache)

Dietitian in training who also loves baking, especially cupcakes, healthy cooking, food styling, and photography shares her passion, recipes, and tips for easy, delicious homemade food.

Ouija cookies

Ouija Board Cookies

Why hello lovelies! Please step into my parlor. Hmmm, I'm sensing lots of creepy cookies and sweets in your future. You know, because it's October and I can FINALLY start posting all sorts of creepy,