St. Elizabeth Cathedral in Kosice

Elizabeth Cathedral in Kosice, Slovakia -- not far from where my grandfather…

Košice received the first municipal coat of arms in Europe

Love this multi-winged angel. / Košice received the first municipal coat of arms in Europe

state theatre slovakia kosice

The State Theatre, Košice, Slovakia ( Štátne divadlo Košice).The theater is more than 100 years old, and is an important historical monument and an important landmark of the historic centre of Košice.

inside Steel Arena, Kosice

a great place to see some good old fashion European hockey,and it's also a piece of Slovakian hockey history.

jakabs palace kosice slovakia

Historical Town of Banska Siavnica and technical monuments in its vicinity, Slovakia.

Kosice Main Street I

Kosice is Slovakia's second largest city and one full of many wonderful things to see and do for the tourist. Check out our travel tips for Kosice here.

Hlavná ulica, Košice

Miroslav Petrasko On the Main street A photo from Kosice (eastern Slovakia) for today.

Christmas in Košice

Christmas in Košice, Slovakia

Spievajúca fontána

Singing Fountain in Kosice A really nice place to have a lovely relaxing moment.

Jakabov palác

Jakabov palác