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Media - Sustainable House Day

There is a lot of interest in stories about the environment – particularly driven by regular news relating to cost of electricity, solar panels and battery storage, climate change and global warming. Sustainable living is a practical, and easy to understand way that all homeowners can contribute to a greener planet. We have access to […]

Billy Buttons - Large Potted Plants - Australian Natives

West Australian Wildflowers by Glenn Harris Embroidery OUT-WAW Outback Embroidery: embroidery designs [EPB893] - $32.50

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Hardenbergia 'Happy Wanderer' - flowers in winter/spring, but not fond of frosts.

Hardenbergia 'Happy Wanderer'

Australian habitat garden ("Gaia's Garden" at City Beach, WA) #australian #beach #City #Gaia39s #Garden #Habitat

Australian habitat garden (“Gaia’s Garden” at City Beach, WA - Giga Pic

Australian habitat garden (

How to: sow wildflowers

Our bush wildflowers make a stunning display. Now is the time to sow wildflowers for a swathe of colour through your own garden.

Bush Tenacity Kangaroo Paw

A profusion of velvety yellow blooms on upright, red-haired stems that rise above clumps of green sword-like foliage. A compact gem that will provide months of dynamic, carefree color for waterwise gardens. Ideal for smaller beds and patio containers. Spe

How to Grow Kangaroo Paw (Anigozanthos) Flower - Gardening Channel

by Matt Gibson Native to southwest Australia, the kangaroo paw plant flower has found its way into the hearts and garden beds of flower gardeners all over the world. It is grown commercially in the USA, Japan, and Israel and also sold as a cut flower all over the globe. In Western Australia, the kangaroo […]

Brachyscome multifida 'Blue and White mix'

Buy Brachyscome multifida 'Blue and White mix' from Sarah Raven: For a pot full of daisies to flower all summer and autumn, this is the plant you need. A mix of blue and white for a soft and pretty contrast.


Semi di Carpobrotus acinaciformisConosciuto con il nome di Fico degli Ottentotti, il Carpobrotus acinaciformis è una succulenta con grossi fiori di colore tra il rosa e il violetto. E' originaria del Sudafrica ma è stata importata in diversi paesi con clima simile (California, Australia e zone del Mediterraneo). Forma dei tappeti ampi che eliminano le erbe infestanti, in natura può diventare essa stessa invasiva. La coltivazione da seme è molto facile, necessitano di annaffiature moderate…