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an image of a man holding his hand up in the air with words above him
40 Funny Pictures For Today (#243) – FunnyFoto
two cartoon faces with text that reads, student can teach what for? i go to the bathroom to open the chamber of secrets
Why Do You Think?
two people sitting at a counter with the caption saying no, i'm stealing them
Point Taken...
a large truck driving down a road next to a sign that says you don't say
Account Suspended
an image of two dinosaurs in the ocean with caption that reads, i think this might be photoshopped? you don't say?
You Dont Say
two signs that say donuts and one says cinnamon buns you don't say?
Funny Picdump (50 pics)
a funny birthday card with an image of a man
Pinterest Blog
a man holding a sign that says, the guy behind me can't see you don't say?
You Don't Say?: Image Gallery (List View)
an image of a computer screen with the caption you don't say?
It's The Minecraft Edition
a red circle that says, what you are doing right now reading this text?
Funny memes - You don’t say!
a meme with the caption that says no, i'm a toaster
33 Funny Comeback Memes – Memes Feel
an image of a man in the water with a caption that says, you don't say?
you don't say | Trolino
an image of someones face and the caption says, sometimes when i close my eyes, i can't see you don't say?
You don't say