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The Listening Song for kids. Joe from parks are rec, aka Keegan Michael Key, sang this song!

The Listening Song for kids. Joe from parks are rec, aka Keegan Michael Key, sang this song!

First Grade and Flip Flops: A New Linky on Classroom Management and Other Things!

A New Linky on Classroom Management and Other Things!

I am linking up with Ashley Reed from Just Reed this mid-week to share in my Top 10 Pins in Classroom Management! I know that I already shared in how my grade level shares in our classroom behavior but we also input some other great ideas and then some! As I was looking at my Pinterest board... Everything First Grade! (click on the words to take you there-- I seriously need to organize my boards better but sometimes I get so pin-happy that I can't help myself!), here are some pins that I…

A Line Up Song freebie and classroom management ideas. Kindergarten Faith

Getting Ready for Back to School and A Freebie

Well, it is that time again Back To School !!!!! Are you ready?? Our first day is August 20th, and the planning has officially begun. Yeah!! Before I really start anything, I like to take some time to reflect. I think about last year, the previous years, the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between. lol Two of the things I think that have worked really well in my classroom are our Line Up Song and our Quiet Signal. (Classroom Management and Procedures) I can't wait to share these…

Super cute and fun organizational ideas for preschoolers!

Preschool Classroom Reveal - Happy Home Fairy

See this room? It is my new home. It has literally eaten up my entire life in the span of a few short weeks. 🙂 I teach all morning, work in the afternoon for the school’s front office, and then take my boys home to feed them the same thing for the 3rd night in …

SHINE Classroom Management Poster- too cute! ;)

SHINE Classroom Management Poster {NEW Set Includes SHINE Online and Safe SHINE}

It is hard to know what school will look like this year, but helping our students practice Active Listening is more important than ever! The classic "SHINE" poster has been updated to include a version for virtual learning and one for in-person learning with face coverings.Help your students to "SH...

Fun in First Grade: 1st Day of School Tips comprehensive list some things I need to remember.

Fun in First Grade: 1st Day of School Tips comprehensive list some things I need to remember.

Great whole body listening chart using Pete the Cat. from Prayers & Purple Elephants

First Day Activities

After going over our Whole Brain Teaching Classroom Rules Rap, we talked about Whole Brain Listening...with Pete the Cat. He is so groovy! Then, I read The Kissing Hand. We compared our school to Chester's School using a T-Chart... We talked about our first day feelings. This was a great way to validate everyone's attitude about a brand-new school year. They loved making Anchor charts! That is fantastic! I made new clothespins for my Behavior Log and new magnets for my lunch board. I love…

Learning and Teaching With Preschoolers: Digital Camera in the Preschool Classroom

Digital Camera in the Preschool Classroom

My digital camera is a valuable tool in my preschool classroom. I use my digital camera to organize the classroom, for project boards, documentation of learning experiences, classroom portfolios, class picture books, name cards, and picture slide shows for parent nights. Organizing classroom shelves for the children’s centers I take pictures on the items in each container and place one picture on the container and one on the shelf. This allows for children to pick up on their own knowing…

Math Coach's Corner: Literature Link: Too Much Glue. What a fantastic book to read aloud as you introduce your math journals! Includes a FREE printable your kiddos can put in their journal.

Literature Link: Too Much Glue - Math Coach's Corner

As you are planning for the fall (I know, some of you are still in school…), I’m sure you’re giving thought to how you will launch your math journals. As […]

Motivation for the class... Each time they are given a compliment or caught for good behavior a student flips over a letter to revel the "prize."

What the Teacher Wants!

Today's "Monday Management" tip comes from one of the cutesy-est (cutesiest?) teachers I know... Mrs. Lamb! Mrs. Lamb and I went to college together (another SUU alum!) and then we both randomly got hired at the same school. I love everything about her classroom! Management is one of her natural talents. Here are two things she does to help keep her students in line: Mystery Motivator: Cut out the letters of words that spell out a prize for good behavior. Flip them over and hang them up in…

Great Preschool Classroom Ideas or good for our kids to learn rules. Have to switch some things up. Instead of contact parents it would be contact DADDY!

Back to School Pictures with some Freebies!

Last Monday was our first day back to work. Summer is officially over. :( We spent the week in training and having the opportunities to get our rooms ready to meet the kiddos & their parents on Friday morning. I feel like I worked really, really hard this week. I decided to change some of my decor at the last minute (I don't recommend do that!) and worked like a maniac to get it all done! So here are some pictures of my updated classroom and I've thrown in some freebies for you guys a long…

Book_chart---Need to start doing this at the beginning of the year b/c I saw too many fallen soldiers from my last group

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