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Encrypts 100% of your data in real-time with military grade full disk AES CBC (Cipher-Block Chained) hardware encryption; PIN activated 7-15 digits – Alphanumeric keypad use a memorable number or word for your PIN; It does not require any software or drivers to be installed and is compatible with PCs, MACs, Linux and embedded systems.
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Apricorn Aegis 16 GB USB 2.0 Military Grade

Ethernet Connectivity InfoGraphic from Fluke Networks
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Ethernet Connectivity InfoGraphic from Fluke Networks

Cable Buildup and Breakdown
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Cable Buildup and Breakdown

If you think untangling shoelaces is complicated, it’s nothing compared to untangling and deciphering the mess of wires and cables your computer use

Ethernet Switching - with Arduino
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Ethernet Switching - With Arduino

Ethernet Switching - With Arduino: Aim: Switch relays from the ethernet or the internet, using your mobile, tablet or computer with a nice graphical user interface. Update V4.06 Please read the below steps to Step 2 if you are viewing this article for the first time. Please go to …

ip subnet chart | IP subnetting made easy | TechRepublic
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IP subnetting made easy

George Ou explains IP subnetting using his own graphical approach. It's a great primer for students and a nice refresher for others.

40 Years of Ethernet | Light Reading

A timeline of innovation in Ethernet and optical technologies

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It’s easy to forget that we have access to a virtually limitless resource of information, i.e. the Internet.

IP-Networking: TCP/IP Architecture Model: 4-Layers vs. OSI 7 Layers
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TCP/IP Architecture Model: 4-Layers vs. OSI 7 Layers

TCP/IP architecture does not exactly follow the OSI model. Unfortunately, there is no universal agreement regarding how to describe TCP/IP with a layered model. It is generally agreed that TCP/IP has fewer levels (from three to five layers) than the seven layers of the OSI model. We adopt a four layers model for the TCP/IP architecture. TCP/IP architecture omits some features found under the OSI model, combines the features of some adjacent OSI layers and splits other layers apart. The…

Wireless control receiver schematic
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Wireless control receiver schematic

OSI Model

Network Level Interoperability

The basic premise and definitions of interoperability and the three objectives to attain radio network interoperability are: 1.) compatible communications equipment, 2.) adequate signal coverage, and 3.) network scaling. More importantly, interoperability is more a function of the human factors involved in establishing the operational parameters of the network than on the technical issues themselves. This article reaches beyond the assumptions of the human factors to address one method of…

How to Create a Wired Network at Home
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How to Create a Wired Network at Home

This week's episode was inspired by Tech Talker listeners Mike and Bill. In a previous podcast, I talked about switches, routers, hubs, and bridges. In that episode I mentioned why having a wired home network would be extremely useful. Say you wanted to stream movies, home videos, share fil

Networking technologies #infografia #infographic
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Networking technologies #infografia #infographic

ISO Model and Protocols that go with them.
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osi 7 layer model

DIY Server Rack
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What 100+ Year Old House Doesn't Have a DIY Server Rack? - Old Town Home

In the past I've written about some of our home technology items that we've installed since moving into the house in 2003. From thousands of feet of structured wiring to whole house audio, I love pimping our pad with as much technology as possible without making the house look like a crazy bling'd out MTV Cribs house. Overblown home tech installation is a hobby that I really enjoy and something very unique and unexpected in a small house.Several years ago, when I could see our home tech…

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TCP/IP Model
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